from panda3d._rplight import IESDataset
class IESDataset


This class is used by the IESLoader to generate a LUT texture which is used in the shaders to perform IES lighting. It takes a set of vertical and horizontal angles, as well as a set of candela values, which then are lineary interpolated onto a 2D LUT Texture.

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of IESDataset


This constructs a new IESDataset with no data set.

__init__(param0: IESDataset)
generateDatasetTextureInto(dest_tex: panda3d.core.Texture, z: int)

This generates the LUT into a given dataset texture. The x-axis referes to the vertical_angle, whereas the y-axis refers to the horizontal angle.

2D Texture Array.

setCandelaValues(candela_values: panda3d.core.PTA_float)

This sets the candela values of the dataset. They should be an interleaved 2D array with the dimensions vertical_angles x horizontal_angles. They also should be normalized by dividing by the maximum entry.

setHorizontalAngles(horizontal_angles: panda3d.core.PTA_float)

This sets the list of horizontal angles of the dataset.

setVerticalAngles(vertical_angles: panda3d.core.PTA_float)

This sets the list of vertical angles of the dataset.