from panda3d.core import RenderAttribRegistry
class RenderAttribRegistry

This class is used to associate each RenderAttrib with a different slot index at runtime, so we can store a list of RenderAttribs in the RenderState object, and very quickly look them up by type.

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of RenderAttribRegistry

getSlot(type_handle: TypeHandle) → int

Returns the slot number assigned to the indicated TypeHandle, or 0 if no slot number has been assigned.

static getMaxSlots() → int
getNumSlots() → int

Returns the number of RenderAttrib slots that have been allocated. This is one more than the highest slot number in use.

getSlotType(slot: int) → TypeHandle

Returns the TypeHandle associated with slot n.

Return type


getSlotSort(slot: int) → int

Returns the sort number associated with slot n.

setSlotSort(slot: int, sort: int) → None

Changes the sort number associated with slot n.

getSlotDefault(slot: int) → RenderAttrib

Returns the default RenderAttrib object associated with slot n. This is the attrib that should be applied in the absence of any other attrib of this type.

Return type


getNumSortedSlots() → int

Returns the number of entries in the sorted_slots list.

getSortedSlot(n: int) → int

Returns the nth slot in sorted order. By traversing this list, you will retrieve all the slot numbers in order according to their registered sort value.

static getGlobalPtr() → RenderAttribRegistry
Return type