from panda3d.core import DisplayInformation
class DisplayInformation


This class contains various display information.

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of DisplayInformation

enum DetectionState
enumerator DS_unknown = 0
enumerator DS_success = 1
enumerator DS_direct_3d_create_error = 2
enumerator DS_create_window_error = 3
enumerator DS_create_device_error = 4
__init__(param0: DisplayInformation)
getAvailablePageFileSize() int
getAvailablePhysicalMemory() int
getAvailableProcessVirtualMemory() int
getCpuBrandIndex() int
getCpuBrandString() str
getCpuFrequency() int
static getCpuTime() int

Equivalent to the rdtsc processor instruction.

getCpuVendorString() str
getCpuVersionInformation() int
getCurrentCpuFrequency() int
getDeviceId() int
getDisplayMode(display_index: int) DisplayMode
getDisplayModeBitsPerPixel(display_index: int) int
getDisplayModeFullscreenOnly(display_index: int) int
getDisplayModeHeight(display_index: int) int
getDisplayModeRefreshRate(display_index: int) int
getDisplayModeWidth(display_index: int) int

Older interface for display modes.

getDisplayModes() list
getDisplayState() int
getDriverBuild() int
getDriverDateDay() int
getDriverDateMonth() int
getDriverDateYear() int
getDriverProduct() int
getDriverSubVersion() int
getDriverVersion() int
getMaximumCpuFrequency() int
getMaximumWindowHeight() int
getMaximumWindowWidth() int
getMemoryLoad() int
getNumCpuCores() int

Returns the number of individual CPU cores in the system, or 0 if this number is not available. A hyperthreaded CPU counts once here.

getNumLogicalCpus() int

Returns the number of logical CPU’s in the system, or 0 if this number is not available. A hyperthreaded CPU counts as two or more here.

getOsPlatformId() int

Returns -1 if not set.

getOsVersionBuild() int

Returns -1 if not set.

getOsVersionMajor() int

Returns -1 if not set.

getOsVersionMinor() int

Returns -1 if not set.

getPageFaultCount() int
getPageFileSize() int
getPageFileUsage() int
getPeakPageFileUsage() int
getPeakProcessMemory() int
getPhysicalMemory() int
getProcessMemory() int
getProcessVirtualMemory() int
getShaderModel() ShaderModel
getTextureMemory() int
getTotalDisplayModes() int
getVendorId() int
getVideoMemory() int
getWindowBitsPerPixel() int
updateCpuFrequency(processor_number: int)