from panda3d.core import CollisionHandlerQueue
class CollisionHandlerQueue


Bases: CollisionHandler

A special kind of CollisionHandler that does nothing except remember the CollisionEntries detected the last pass. This set of CollisionEntries may then be queried by the calling function. It’s primarily useful when a simple intersection test is being made, e.g. for picking from the window.

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of CollisionHandlerQueue

__init__(param0: CollisionHandlerQueue)
__reduce__() object

Removes all the entries from the queue.

property entries Sequence[CollisionEntry]

Returns the nth CollisionEntry detected last pass.

static getClassType() TypeHandle
getEntries() list
getEntry(n: int) CollisionEntry

Returns the nth CollisionEntry detected last pass.

getNumEntries() int

Returns the number of CollisionEntries detected last pass.

output(out: ostream)

Sorts all the detected collisions front-to-back by from_intersection_point() so that those intersection points closest to the collider’s origin (e.g., the center of the CollisionSphere, or the point_a of a CollisionSegment) appear first.

write(out: ostream, indent_level: int)