from panda3d.core import MultiplexStream
class MultiplexStream

Bases: ostream

This is a special ostream that forwards the data that is written to it to any number of other sources, for instance other ostreams, or explicitly to a disk file or to system logging utilities. It’s a very handy thing to set Notify to refer to when running in batch mode.

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of MultiplexStream

__init__() → None
addFile(file: Filename) → bool

Adds the given file to the multiplex output. The file is opened in append mode with line buffering. Returns false if the file cannot be opened.

addOstream(out: ostream, delete_later: bool) → None

Adds the indicated generic ostream to the multiplex output. The ostream will receive whatever data is sent to the pipe.

addStandardOutput() → None

Adds the standard output channel.

addStdioFile(file: FILE, close_when_done: bool) → bool

Adds the given file, previously opened using the C stdio library, to the multiplex output.

addSystemDebug() → None

Adds the system debug output the the multiplex output. This may map to a syslog or some such os-specific output system. It may do nothing on a particular system.

Presently, this maps only to OutputDebugString() on Windows.

flush() → None

Forces out all output that hasn’t yet been written.