from panda3d.physics import ParticleSystem
class ParticleSystem


Bases: Physical

Contains and manages a particle system.

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of ParticleSystem

__init__(copy: ParticleSystem)

Copy Constructor.

__init__(pool_size: int)

Default Constructor.

addSpawnTemplate(ps: ParticleSystem)

Resets the system to its start state by resizing to 0, then resizing back to current size.

getActiveSystemFlag() bool
getBirthRate() float
static getClassType() panda3d.core.TypeHandle
getEmitter() BaseParticleEmitter
getFactory() BaseParticleFactory
getFloorZ() float
getIWasSpawnedFlag() bool
getLitterSize() int
getLitterSpread() int
getLivingParticles() int
getLocalVelocityFlag() bool
getPoolSize() int
getRenderParent() panda3d.core.NodePath
getRenderer() BaseParticleRenderer
getSoftBirthRate() float
getSpawnOnDeathFlag() bool
getSpawnRenderNode() panda3d.core.PandaNode
getSpawnRenderNodePath() panda3d.core.NodePath
getSystemAge() float
getSystemGrowsOlderFlag() bool
getSystemLifespan() float
getTicsSinceBirth() float

Forces the birth of a particle litter this frame by resetting _tics_since_birth


Populates an attached GeomNode structure with the particle geometry for rendering. This is a wrapper for accessability.

setActiveSystemFlag(a: bool)
setBirthRate(new_br: float)
setEmitter(e: BaseParticleEmitter)
setFactory(f: BaseParticleFactory)
setFloorZ(z: float)
setLitterSize(new_ls: int)
setLitterSpread(new_ls: int)
setLocalVelocityFlag(lv: bool)
setPoolSize(size: int)


setRenderParent(node: panda3d.core.NodePath)
setRenderParent(node: panda3d.core.PandaNode)
setRenderer(r: BaseParticleRenderer)
setSoftBirthRate(new_br: float)
setSpawnOnDeathFlag(sod: bool)
setSpawnRenderNode(node: panda3d.core.PandaNode)
setSpawnRenderNodePath(node: panda3d.core.NodePath)
setSystemAge(age: float)
setSystemGrowsOlderFlag(sgo: bool)
setSystemLifespan(sl: float)
setTemplateSystemFlag(tsf: bool)
softStart(br: float)

Causes system to use birth rate set by setBirthRate()

softStart(br: float, first_birth_delay: float)

Causes system to use birth rate set by setBirthRate(), with the system’s first birth being delayed by the value of first_birth_delay. Note that a negative delay is perfectly valid, causing the first birth to happen sooner rather than later.

softStop(br: float)

Causes system to use birth rate set by setSoftBirthRate()

update(dt: float)
writeFreeParticleFifo(out: panda3d.core.ostream, indent: int)

Write a string representation of this instance to <out>.

writeSpawnTemplates(out: panda3d.core.ostream, indent: int)

Write a string representation of this instance to <out>.