from panda3d.physics import LinearDistanceForce
class LinearDistanceForce


Bases: LinearForce

Pure virtual class for sinks and sources

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of LinearDistanceForce

enum FalloffType
enumerator FT_ONE_OVER_R = 0
enumerator FT_ONE_OVER_R_SQUARED = 1
enumerator FT_ONE_OVER_R_CUBED = 2
static getClassType() panda3d.core.TypeHandle
getFalloffType() FalloffType

falloff_type query

getForceCenter() panda3d.core.LPoint3

force_center query

getRadius() float

radius query

getScalarTerm() float

calculate the term based on falloff

setFalloffType(ft: FalloffType)

falloff_type encapsulating wrap

setForceCenter(p: panda3d.core.LPoint3)

set the force center

setRadius(r: float)

set the radius