from panda3d.core import CollisionFloorMesh
class CollisionFloorMesh


Bases: CollisionSolid

This object represents a solid made entirely of triangles, which will only be tested again z axis aligned rays

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of CollisionFloorMesh


This is only for the convenience of CollisionPolygon. Normally, you should not attempt to create an uninitialized CollisionPlane.

addTriangle(pointA: int, pointB: int, pointC: int)

store a triangle for processing

addVertex(vert: LPoint3)

store away a vertex to index against

static getClassType() TypeHandle
getNumTriangles() int
getNumVertices() int
getTriangle(index: int) LPoint3i
getTriangles() list
getVertex(index: int) LPoint3
getVertices() list
property triangles Sequence[LPoint3i]
property vertices Sequence[LPoint3]