from direct.showbase.ShadowDemo import ShadowCaster, arbitraryShadow, avatarShadow, piratesAvatarShadow

Create a cheesy shadow effect by rendering the view of an object (e.g. the local avatar) from a special camera as seen from above (as if from the sun), using a solid gray foreground and a solid white background, and then multitexturing that view onto the world.

This is meant primarily as a demonstration of multipass and multitexture rendering techniques. It’s not a particularly great way to do shadows.

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of direct.showbase.ShadowDemo

class ShadowCaster(lightPath, objectPath, filmX, filmY)[source]

Bases: object

__init__(self, lightPath, objectPath, filmX, filmY)[source]

Undoes the effect of the ShadowCaster.

setGround(self, groundPath)[source]

Specifies the part of the world that is to be considered the ground: this is the part onto which the rendered texture will be applied.

texXSize = 128
texYSize = 128