from import AICharacter
class AICharacter


Bases: ReferenceCount

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of AICharacter

__init__(param0: AICharacter)
__init__(model_name: str, model_np: panda3d.core.NodePath, mass: float, movt_force: float, max_force: float)
getAiBehaviors() AIBehaviors
getMass() float
getMaxForce() float
getNodePath() panda3d.core.NodePath
getVelocity() panda3d.core.LVecBase3
property name string
setMass(m: float)
setMaxForce(max_force: float)
setNodePath(np: panda3d.core.NodePath)
setPfGuide(pf_guide: bool)

This function is used to enable or disable the guides for path finding.