from panda3d.core import UnionBoundingVolume
class UnionBoundingVolume


Bases: GeometricBoundingVolume

This special bounding volume is the union of all of its constituent bounding volumes.

A point is defined to be within a UnionBoundingVolume if it is within any one or more of its component bounding volumes.

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of UnionBoundingVolume


Constructs an empty union.

addComponent(component: GeometricBoundingVolume)

Adds a new component to the volume. This does not necessarily increase the total number of components by one, and you may or may not be able to find this component in the volume by a subsequent call to getComponent(); certain optimizations may prevent the component from being added, or have other unexpected effects on the total set of components.


Removes all components from the volume.

property components Sequence[GeometricBoundingVolume]

Returns the nth component in the union.

filterIntersection(volume: BoundingVolume)

Removes from the union any components that have no intersection with the indicated volume.

static getClassType() TypeHandle
getComponent(n: int) GeometricBoundingVolume

Returns the nth component in the union.

getComponents() list
getNumComponents() int

Returns the number of components in the union.

operatorNew(size: int)