from panda3d.core import SSReader
class SSReader


An internal class for reading from a socket stream. This serves as a base class for both ISocketStream and SocketStream; its purpose is to minimize redundant code between them. Do not use it directly.

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of SSReader

getTcpHeaderSize() int

Returns the header size for datagrams. See setTcpHeaderSize().

isClosed() bool
receiveDatagram(dg: Datagram) bool

Receives a datagram over the socket by expecting a little-endian 16-bit byte count as a prefix. If the socket stream is non-blocking, may return false if the data is not available; otherwise, returns false only if the socket closes.

setTcpHeaderSize(tcp_header_size: int)

Sets the header size for datagrams. At the present, legal values for this are 0, 2, or 4; this specifies the number of bytes to use encode the datagram length at the start of each TCP datagram. Sender and receiver must independently agree on this.