from import CLerpAnimEffectInterval
class CLerpAnimEffectInterval


Bases: CLerpInterval

This interval lerps between different amounts of control effects for various AnimControls that might be playing on an actor. It’s used to change the blending amount between multiple animations.

The idea is to start all the animations playing first, then use a CLerpAnimEffectInterval to adjust the degree to which each animation affects the actor.

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of CLerpAnimEffectInterval

__init__(param0: CLerpAnimEffectInterval)
__init__(name: str, duration: float, blend_type: BlendType)
addControl(control: panda3d.core.AnimControl, name: str, begin_effect: float, end_effect: float)

Adds another AnimControl to the list of AnimControls affected by the lerp. This control will be lerped from begin_effect to end_effect over the period of the lerp.

The AnimControl name parameter is only used when formatting the interval for output.

static getClassType() panda3d.core.TypeHandle