from panda3d.bullet import BulletSoftBodyMaterial
class BulletSoftBodyMaterial

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of BulletSoftBodyMaterial

__init__(param0: BulletSoftBodyMaterial)
property angular_stiffnessfloat

Getter/Setter for the property m_kAST.

static empty()BulletSoftBodyMaterial

Named constructor intended to be used for asserts which have to return a concrete value.


Getter for the property m_kAST.


Getter for the property m_kLST.


Getter for the property m_kVST.

property linear_stiffnessfloat

Getter/Setter for the property m_kLST.

setAngularStiffness(value: float)

Setter for the property m_kAST.

setLinearStiffness(value: float)

Setter for the property m_kLST.

setVolumePreservation(value: float)

Setter for the property m_kVST.

property volume_preservationfloat

Getter/Setter for the property m_kVST.