from panda3d.core import Event
class Event

Bases: TypedReferenceCount

A named event, possibly with parameters. Anyone in any thread may throw an event at any time; there will be one process responsible for reading and dispacting on the events (but not necessarily immediately).

This function use to inherit from Namable, but that makes it too expensive to get its name the Python code. Now it just copies the Namable interface in.

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of Event

__init__(copy: Event) → None
__init__(event_name: str, receiver: EventReceiver) → None
assign(copy: Event) → Event
Return type


setName(name: str) → None
clearName() → None

Resets the Event’s name to empty.

hasName() → bool

Returns true if the Event has a nonempty name set, false if the name is empty.

getName() → str
addParameter(obj: EventParameter) → None
getNumParameters() → int
getParameter(n: int) → EventParameter
Return type


hasReceiver() → bool
getReceiver() → EventReceiver
Return type


setReceiver(receiver: EventReceiver) → None
clearReceiver() → None
output(out: ostream) → None
static getClassType() → TypeHandle
Return type


getParameters() → list
property name

Getter Setter

Return type


property parameters
Return type


property receiver

Getter Setter

Return type