from panda3d.core import AnimateVerticesRequest
class AnimateVerticesRequest


Bases: AsyncTask

This class object manages a single asynchronous request to animate vertices on a GeomVertexData object. animate_vertices will be called with force=true (i.e. blocking) in a sub-thread (if threading is available). No result is stored or returned from this object. It is expected that the result will be cached and available for immediate use later during rendering. Thus it is important that the main thread block while these requests are being run (presumably on multiple CPUs/cores), to ensure that the data has been computed by the time it’s needed.

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of AnimateVerticesRequest

__init__(param0: AnimateVerticesRequest)
__init__(geom_vertex_data: GeomVertexData)

Create a new AnimateVerticesRequest.

static getClassType() TypeHandle
isReady() bool

Returns true if this request has completed, false if it is still pending. Equivalent to req.done() and not req.cancelled().

See panda3d.core.AsyncFuture.done().