from direct.distributed.GridChild import GridChild, SmoothGridChild

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of direct.distributed.GridChild

class GridChild[source]

Bases: object

Any object that expects to be parented to a grid should inherit from this. It works with GridParent to manage its grid cell hierarchy in the scenegraph.

enableGridInterest(self, enabled=True)[source]
getGridInterestZoneId(self, gridDoId)[source]
setGridCell(self, grid, zoneId)[source]
updateGridInterest(self, grid, zoneId)[source]
class SmoothGridChild[source]

Bases: GridChild

SmoothNodes have a special requirement in that they need to send their current cell along with their telemetry data stream. This allows the distributed receiving objects to update their grid parent according to this value, rather than the setLocation() data.

Use this instead of GridNode when you expect this object to send its telemetry data out.

setGridCell(self, grid, zoneId)[source]
transformTelemetry(self, x, y, z, h, p, r, e)[source]