from panda3d.core import KeyboardButton
class KeyboardButton

This class is just used as a convenient namespace for grouping all of these handy functions that return buttons which map to standard keyboard keys.

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of KeyboardButton

__init__(param0: KeyboardButton)
static _del()ButtonHandle

delete is a C++ keyword.

static alt()ButtonHandle
static asciiKey(ascii_equivalent: char)ButtonHandle

Returns the ButtonHandle associated with the particular ASCII character, if there is one, or ButtonHandle.none() if there is not.

static backspace()ButtonHandle
static capsLock()ButtonHandle
static control()ButtonHandle
static down()ButtonHandle
static end()ButtonHandle
static enter()ButtonHandle
static escape()ButtonHandle
static f1()ButtonHandle
static f10()ButtonHandle
static f11()ButtonHandle
static f12()ButtonHandle
static f13()ButtonHandle

PC keyboards don’t have these four buttons, but Macs do.

static f14()ButtonHandle
static f15()ButtonHandle
static f16()ButtonHandle
static f2()ButtonHandle
static f3()ButtonHandle
static f4()ButtonHandle
static f5()ButtonHandle
static f6()ButtonHandle
static f7()ButtonHandle
static f8()ButtonHandle
static f9()ButtonHandle
static help()ButtonHandle

delete is a C++ keyword.

static home()ButtonHandle
static insert()ButtonHandle
static lalt()ButtonHandle
static lcontrol()ButtonHandle
static left()ButtonHandle
static lmeta()ButtonHandle
static lshift()ButtonHandle
static menu()ButtonHandle
static meta()ButtonHandle
static numLock()ButtonHandle
static pageDown()ButtonHandle
static pageUp()ButtonHandle
static pause()ButtonHandle
static printScreen()ButtonHandle
static ralt()ButtonHandle
static rcontrol()ButtonHandle
static right()ButtonHandle
static rmeta()ButtonHandle
static rshift()ButtonHandle
static scrollLock()ButtonHandle
static shift()ButtonHandle
static shiftLock()ButtonHandle
static space()ButtonHandle
static tab()ButtonHandle
static up()ButtonHandle