Function Intervals

Function intervals are different from function lerp intervals. While the function lerp interval passes data to a function over a period of time, a function interval will simply execute a function when called. As such, a function interval’s use really appears when combined with sequences and parallels. The function interval’s format is simple.

intervalName = Func(myFunction)

You pass the function without parentheses (i.e. you pass Func- a function pointer) as the parameter. If myFunction takes arguments, then pass them as parameters to Func as follows:

def myFunction(arg1, arg2):
   # Do something.

intervalName = Func(myFunction, arg1, arg2)

Functions cannot be called on their own in sequences and parallels, so it is necessary to wrap them in an interval in order to call them. Since function intervals have no duration, they complete the moment they are called.