from panda3d.core import SubfileInfo
class SubfileInfo

This class records a particular byte sub-range within an existing file on disk. Generally, the filename is understood as a physical file on disk, and not to be looked up via the vfs.

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of SubfileInfo

__init__(file: FileReference, start: int, size: int)
__init__(filename: Filename, start: int, size: int)
__init__(copy: SubfileInfo)
assign(copy: SubfileInfo)SubfileInfo

Returns the FileReference that represents this file.


A shortcut to the filename.


Returns the number of consecutive bytes, beginning at getStart(), that correspond to this file data.


Returns the offset within the file at which this file data begins.


Returns true if this SubfileInfo doesn’t define any file, false if it has real data.

output(out: ostream)