class PhysicalNode

Bases: PandaNode

Graph node that encapsulated a series of physical objects

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of PhysicalNode

explicit PhysicalNode(std::string const &name)

default constructor

copy constructor

void add_physical(Physical *physical)
void add_physicals_from(PhysicalNode const &other)

append operation

void clear(void)
static TypeHandle get_class_type(void)
std::size_t get_num_physicals(void) const
Physical *get_physical(std::size_t index) const
void insert_physical(std::size_t index, Physical *physical)

insert operation

void remove_physical(Physical *physical)
void remove_physical(std::size_t index)

remove operation

void set_physical(std::size_t index, Physical *physical)

replace operation