from panda3d.core import HTTPDate
class HTTPDate

A container for an HTTP-legal time/date indication. This can accept a string from an HTTP header and will decode it into a C time_t value; conversely, it can accept a time_t value and encode it for output as a string.

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of HTTPDate

__add__(seconds: int)HTTPDate
__eq__(other: HTTPDate)bool
__gt__(other: HTTPDate)bool
__iadd__(seconds: int)HTTPDate
__init__(copy: HTTPDate)
__init__(format: str)

Decodes the string into a sensible date. Returns 0 (!is_valid()) if the string cannot be correctly decoded.

__init__(time: int)
__isub__(seconds: int)HTTPDate
__lt__(other: HTTPDate)bool
__ne__(other: HTTPDate)bool
__sub__(other: HTTPDate)int
__sub__(seconds: int)HTTPDate
assign(copy: HTTPDate)HTTPDate
compareTo(other: HTTPDate)int

Returns a number less than zero if this HTTPDate sorts before the other one, greater than zero if it sorts after, or zero if they are equivalent.


Returns the date as a C time_t value.

input(in: istream)bool

Returns true if the date is meaningful, or false if it is -1 (which generally indicates the source string could not be parsed.)

static now()HTTPDate

Returns an HTTPDate that represents the current time and date.

output(out: ostream)