from panda3d.direct import DCTypedef
class DCTypedef

Bases: DCDeclaration

This represents a single typedef declaration in the dc file. It assigns a particular type to a new name, just like a C typedef.

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of DCTypedef


Returns a brief decription of the typedef, useful for human consumption.


Returns the name of this typedef.


Returns a unique index number associated with this typedef definition. This is defined implicitly when the .dc file(s) are read.


Returns true if the typedef has been flagged as a bogus typedef. This is set for typedefs that are generated by the parser as placeholder for missing typedefs, as when reading a partial file; it should not occur in a normal valid dc file.


Returns true if the typedef has been flagged as an implicit typedef, meaning it was created for a DCClass that was referenced inline as a type.