class ParticleSystem

Bases: Physical

Contains and manages a particle system.

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of ParticleSystem

__init__(copy: ParticleSystem) → None

Copy Constructor.

__init__(pool_size: int) → None

Default Constructor.

setPoolSize(size: int) → None


setBirthRate(new_br: float) → None
setSoftBirthRate(new_br: float) → None
setLitterSize(new_ls: int) → None
setLitterSpread(new_ls: int) → None
setLocalVelocityFlag(lv: bool) → None
setSystemGrowsOlderFlag(sgo: bool) → None
setSystemLifespan(sl: float) → None
setSystemAge(age: float) → None
setActiveSystemFlag(a: bool) → None
setSpawnOnDeathFlag(sod: bool) → None
setSpawnRenderNode(node: PandaNode) → None
setSpawnRenderNodePath(node: NodePath) → None
setTemplateSystemFlag(tsf: bool) → None
setRenderParent(node: NodePath) → None
setRenderParent(node: PandaNode) → None
setRenderer(r: BaseParticleRenderer) → None
setEmitter(e: BaseParticleEmitter) → None
setFactory(f: BaseParticleFactory) → None
setFloorZ(z: float) → None
clearFloorZ() → None
getPoolSize() → int
getBirthRate() → float
getSoftBirthRate() → float
getLitterSize() → int
getLitterSpread() → int
getLocalVelocityFlag() → bool
getSystemGrowsOlderFlag() → bool
getSystemLifespan() → float
getSystemAge() → float
getActiveSystemFlag() → bool
getSpawnOnDeathFlag() → bool
getSpawnRenderNode() → PandaNode
Return type


getSpawnRenderNodePath() → NodePath
Return type


getIWasSpawnedFlag() → bool
getLivingParticles() → int
getRenderParent() → NodePath
Return type


getRenderer() → BaseParticleRenderer
Return type


getEmitter() → BaseParticleEmitter
Return type


getFactory() → BaseParticleFactory
Return type


getFloorZ() → float
getTicsSinceBirth() → float
addSpawnTemplate(ps: ParticleSystem) → None
clearSpawnTemplates() → None
render() → None

Populates an attached GeomNode structure with the particle geometry for rendering. This is a wrapper for accessability.

induceLabor() → None

Forces the birth of a particle litter this frame by resetting _tics_since_birth

clearToInitial() → None

Resets the system to its start state by resizing to 0, then resizing back to current size.

softStop(br: float) → None

Causes system to use birth rate set by setSoftBirthRate()

softStart(br: float) → None

Causes system to use birth rate set by setBirthRate()

softStart(br: float, first_birth_delay: float) → None

Causes system to use birth rate set by setBirthRate(), with the system’s first birth being delayed by the value of first_birth_delay. Note that a negative delay is perfectly valid, causing the first birth to happen sooner rather than later.

update(dt: float) → None
writeFreeParticleFifo(out: ostream, indent: int) → None

Write a string representation of this instance to <out>.

writeSpawnTemplates(out: ostream, indent: int) → None

Write a string representation of this instance to <out>.

static getClassType() → TypeHandle
Return type