class OdeCollisionEntry

Bases: TypedReferenceCount

A class used to hold information about a collision that has occurred.

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of OdeCollisionEntry

OdeCollisionEntry(OdeCollisionEntry const&) = default
OdeBody get_body1(void) const

Returns the first body in the collision.

OdeBody get_body2(void) const

Returns the second body in the collision.

static TypeHandle get_class_type(void)
OdeContactGeom get_contact_geom(std::size_t n) const

Returns the nth contact geom in the collision.

LPoint3f get_contact_point(std::size_t n) const

Returns the nth contact point in the collision. This does exactly the same as get_contact_geom(n).get_pos().

OdeGeom get_geom1(void) const

Returns the first geom in the collision.

OdeGeom get_geom2(void) const

Returns the second geom in the collision.

std::size_t get_num_contacts(void) const

Returns the number of contacts in the collision.

bool is_empty(void) const

Returns true if the entry holds no contacts.