Source code for direct.showbase.BulletinBoard

"""Contains the BulletinBoard class."""

__all__ = ['BulletinBoard']

from direct.directnotify import DirectNotifyGlobal

[docs]class BulletinBoard: """This class implements a global location for key/value pairs to be stored. Intended to prevent coders from putting global variables directly on showbase, so that potential name collisions can be more easily detected.""" notify = DirectNotifyGlobal.directNotify.newCategory('BulletinBoard')
[docs] def __init__(self): self._dict = {}
[docs] def get(self, postName, default=None): return self._dict.get(postName, default)
[docs] def has(self, postName): return postName in self._dict
[docs] def getEvent(self, postName): return 'bboard-%s' % postName
[docs] def getRemoveEvent(self, postName): return 'bboard-remove-%s' % postName
[docs] def post(self, postName, value=None): if postName in self._dict: BulletinBoard.notify.warning('changing %s from %s to %s' % ( postName, self._dict[postName], value)) self.update(postName, value)
[docs] def update(self, postName, value): """can use this to set value the first time""" if postName in self._dict:'update: posting %s' % (postName)) self._dict[postName] = value messenger.send(self.getEvent(postName))
[docs] def remove(self, postName): if postName in self._dict: del self._dict[postName] messenger.send(self.getRemoveEvent(postName))
[docs] def removeIfEqual(self, postName, value): # only remove the post if its value is a particular value if self.has(postName): if self.get(postName) == value: self.remove(postName)
def __repr__(self): str = 'Bulletin Board Contents\n' str += '=======================' keys = list(self._dict.keys()) keys.sort() for postName in keys: str += '\n%s: %s' % (postName, self._dict[postName]) return str