Source code for direct.tkwidgets.Tree

"""Defines tree widgets for the tkinter GUI system."""

__all__ = ['TreeNode', 'TreeItem']

# - popup menu
# - support partial or total redisplay
# - key bindings (instead of quick-n-dirty bindings on Canvas):
#   - up/down arrow keys to move focus around
#   - ditto for page up/down, home/end
#   - left/right arrows to expand/collapse and move out/in
# - more doc strings
# - add icons for "file", "module", "class", "method"; better "python" icon
# - callback for selection???
# - multiple-item selection
# - tooltips
# - redo geometry without magic numbers
# - keep track of object ids to allow more careful cleaning
# - optimize tree redraw after expand of subnode

import os
from direct.showbase.TkGlobal import *
from panda3d.core import *

# Initialize icon directory
ICONDIR = ConfigVariableSearchPath('model-path').findFile(Filename('icons')).toOsSpecific()
if not os.path.isdir(ICONDIR):
    raise RuntimeError("can't find DIRECT icon directory (%s)" % repr(ICONDIR))

[docs]class TreeNode:
[docs] def __init__(self, canvas, parent, item, menuList = []): self.canvas = canvas self.parent = parent self.item = item self.state = 'collapsed' self.selected = 0 self.children = {} self.kidKeys = [] self.x = self.y = None self.iconimages = {} # cache of PhotoImage instances for icons self.menuList = menuList if self.menuList: if self.menuList[-1] == 'Separator': self.menuList = self.menuList[:-1] self.menuVar = IntVar() self.menuVar.set(0) self._popupMenu = None self.fSortChildren = False # [gjeon] flag for sorting children or not self.fModeChildrenTag = 0 # [gjeon] flag for using filter or not self.childrenTag = None # [gjeon] filter dictionary for self.setAsTarget = 0 # [gjeon] to visualize reparent target
# [gjeon] to set fSortChildren
[docs] def setFSortChildren(self, fSortChildren): self.fSortChildren = fSortChildren
[docs] def setChildrenTag(self, tag, fModeChildrenTag): self.childrenTag = tag self.fModeChildrenTag = fModeChildrenTag
[docs] def destroy(self): if self._popupMenu: self._popupMenu.destroy() for key in self.kidKeys: c = self.children[key] del self.children[key] c.destroy() self.parent = None
[docs] def geticonimage(self, name): try: return self.iconimages[name] except KeyError: pass file, ext = os.path.splitext(name) ext = ext or ".gif" fullname = os.path.join(ICONDIR, file + ext) image = PhotoImage(master=self.canvas, file=fullname) self.iconimages[name] = image return image
[docs] def select(self, event=None): if self.selected: return self.deselectall() self.selected = 1 self.canvas.delete(self.image_id) self.drawicon() self.drawtext() self.item.OnSelect()
[docs] def deselect(self, event=None): if not self.selected: return self.selected = 0 self.canvas.delete(self.image_id) self.drawicon() self.drawtext()
[docs] def deselectall(self): if self.parent: self.parent.deselectall() else: self.deselecttree()
[docs] def deselecttree(self): if self.selected: self.deselect() for key in self.kidKeys: child = self.children[key] child.deselecttree()
[docs] def flip(self, event=None): if self.state == 'expanded': self.collapse() else: self.expand() self.item.OnDoubleClick() return "break"
[docs] def createPopupMenu(self): if self.menuList: self._popupMenu = Menu(self.canvas, tearoff = 0) for i in range(len(self.menuList)): item = self.menuList[i] if item == 'Separator': self._popupMenu.add_separator() else: self._popupMenu.add_radiobutton( label = item, variable = self.menuVar, value = i, indicatoron = 0, command = self.popupMenuCommand)
[docs] def popupMenu(self, event=None): if not self._popupMenu: self.createPopupMenu() if self._popupMenu:, event.widget.winfo_pointery()) return "break"
[docs] def popupMenuCommand(self): command = self.menuList[self.menuVar.get()] if (command == 'Expand All'): self.updateAll(1) elif (command == 'Collapse All'): self.updateAll(0) else: skipUpdate = self.item.MenuCommand(command) if not skipUpdate and self.parent and (command != 'Update Explorer'): # Update parent to try to keep explorer up to date self.parent.update()
[docs] def expand(self, event=None): if not self.item.IsExpandable(): return if self.state != 'expanded': self.state = 'expanded' self.update() self.view()
[docs] def collapse(self, event=None): if self.state != 'collapsed': self.state = 'collapsed' self.update()
[docs] def view(self): top = self.y - 2 bottom = self.lastvisiblechild().y + 17 height = bottom - top visible_top = self.canvas.canvasy(0) visible_height = self.canvas.winfo_height() visible_bottom = self.canvas.canvasy(visible_height) if visible_top <= top and bottom <= visible_bottom: return x0, y0, x1, y1 = self.canvas._getints(self.canvas['scrollregion']) if top >= visible_top and height <= visible_height: fraction = top + height - visible_height else: fraction = top fraction = float(fraction) / y1 self.canvas.yview_moveto(fraction)
[docs] def reveal(self): # Make sure all parent nodes are marked as expanded parent = self.parent while parent: if parent.state == 'collapsed': parent.state = 'expanded' parent = parent.parent else: break # Redraw tree accordingly self.update() # Bring this item into view self.view()
[docs] def lastvisiblechild(self): if self.kidKeys and self.state == 'expanded': return self.children[self.kidKeys[-1]].lastvisiblechild() else: return self
# [gjeon] function to expand or collapse all the tree nodes
[docs] def updateAll(self, fMode, depth = 0, fUseCachedChildren = 1): depth = depth + 1 if not self.item.IsExpandable(): return if fMode: self.state = 'expanded' else: if depth > 1: self.state = 'collapsed' sublist = self.item._GetSubList() if not sublist: return self.kidKeys = [] for item in sublist: key = item.GetKey() if fUseCachedChildren and key in self.children: child = self.children[key] else: child = TreeNode(self.canvas, self, item, self.menuList) self.children[key] = child self.kidKeys.append(key) # Remove unused children for key in list(self.children.keys()): if key not in self.kidKeys: del(self.children[key]) for key in self.kidKeys: child = self.children[key] child.updateAll(fMode, depth=depth) # [gjeon] to update the tree one time only if depth == 1: self.update() self.view()
[docs] def update(self, fUseCachedChildren = 1, fExpandMode = 0): if self.parent: self.parent.update(fUseCachedChildren, fExpandMode = fExpandMode) else: oldcursor = self.canvas['cursor'] self.canvas['cursor'] = "watch" self.canvas.update() self.canvas.delete(ALL) # XXX could be more subtle self.draw(7, 2, fUseCachedChildren) x0, y0, x1, y1 = self.canvas.bbox(ALL) self.canvas.configure(scrollregion=(0, 0, x1, y1)) self.canvas['cursor'] = oldcursor
[docs] def draw(self, x, y, fUseCachedChildren = 1): # XXX This hard-codes too many geometry constants! self.x, self.y = x, y self.drawicon() self.drawtext() if self.state != 'expanded': return y+17 # draw children sublist = self.item._GetSubList() if not sublist: # IsExpandable() was mistaken; that's allowed return y+17 self.kidKeys = [] # [gjeon] to sort children if self.fSortChildren: def compareText(x, y): textX = x.GetText() textY = y.GetText() if (textX > textY): return 1 elif (textX == textY): return 0 else: # textX < textY return -1 sublist.sort(compareText) for item in sublist: key = item.GetKey() if fUseCachedChildren and key in self.children: child = self.children[key] else: child = TreeNode(self.canvas, self, item, self.menuList) # [gjeon] to set flag recursively child.setFSortChildren(self.fSortChildren) child.setChildrenTag(self.childrenTag, self.fModeChildrenTag) self.children[key] = child self.kidKeys.append(key) # [gjeon] to filter by given tag if self.fModeChildrenTag: if self.childrenTag: showThisItem = False for tagKey in list(self.childrenTag.keys()): if item.nodePath.hasTag(tagKey): showThisItem = self.childrenTag[tagKey] if not showThisItem: self.kidKeys.remove(key) # Remove unused children for key in list(self.children.keys()): if key not in self.kidKeys: del(self.children[key]) cx = x+20 cy = y+17 cylast = 0 for key in self.kidKeys: child = self.children[key] cylast = cy self.canvas.create_line(x+9, cy+7, cx, cy+7, fill="gray50") cy = child.draw(cx, cy, fUseCachedChildren) if child.item.IsExpandable(): if child.state == 'expanded': iconname = "minusnode" callback = child.collapse else: iconname = "plusnode" callback = child.expand image = self.geticonimage(iconname) id = self.canvas.create_image(x+9, cylast+7, image=image) # XXX This leaks bindings until canvas is deleted: self.canvas.tag_bind(id, "<1>", callback) self.canvas.tag_bind(id, "<Double-1>", lambda x: None) id = self.canvas.create_line(x+9, y+10, x+9, cylast+7, ##stipple="gray50", # XXX Seems broken in Tk 8.0.x fill="gray50") self.canvas.tag_lower(id) # XXX .lower(id) before Python 1.5.2 return cy
[docs] def drawicon(self): if self.selected: imagename = (self.item.GetSelectedIconName() or self.item.GetIconName() or "openfolder") else: imagename = self.item.GetIconName() or "folder" image = self.geticonimage(imagename) id = self.canvas.create_image(self.x, self.y, anchor="nw", image=image) self.image_id = id self.canvas.tag_bind(id, "<1>", self.canvas.tag_bind(id, "<Double-1>", self.flip) self.canvas.tag_bind(id, "<3>", self.popupMenu)
[docs] def drawtext(self): textx = self.x+20-1 texty = self.y-1 labeltext = self.item.GetLabelText() if labeltext: id = self.canvas.create_text(textx, texty, anchor="nw", text=labeltext) self.canvas.tag_bind(id, "<1>", self.canvas.tag_bind(id, "<Double-1>", self.flip) x0, y0, x1, y1 = self.canvas.bbox(id) textx = max(x1, 200) + 10 text = self.item.GetText() or "<no text>" try: self.entry except AttributeError: pass else: self.edit_finish() try: label = self.label except AttributeError: # padding carefully selected (on Windows) to match Entry widget: self.label = Label(self.canvas, text=text, bd=0, padx=2, pady=2) if self.selected: self.label.configure(fg="white", bg="darkblue") elif self.setAsTarget: self.label.configure(fg="white", bg="red") else: fg = self.item.GetTextFg() bg = self.item.GetTextBg() self.label.configure(fg=fg, bg=bg) id = self.canvas.create_window(textx, texty, anchor="nw", window=self.label) self.label.bind("<1>", self.select_or_edit) self.label.bind("<Double-1>", self.flip) self.label.bind("<3>", self.popupMenu) # Update text if necessary if text != self.label['text']: self.label['text'] = text self.text_id = id
[docs] def select_or_edit(self, event=None): if self.selected and self.item.IsEditable(): self.edit(event) else:
[docs] def edit(self, event=None): self.entry = Entry(self.label, bd=0, highlightthickness=1, width=0) self.entry.insert(0, self.label['text']) self.entry.selection_range(0, END) self.entry.pack(ipadx=5) self.entry.focus_set() self.entry.bind("<Return>", self.edit_finish) self.entry.bind("<Escape>", self.edit_cancel)
[docs] def edit_finish(self, event=None): try: entry = self.entry del self.entry except AttributeError: return text = entry.get() entry.destroy() if text and text != self.item.GetText(): self.item.SetText(text) text = self.item.GetText() self.label['text'] = text self.drawtext() self.canvas.focus_set()
[docs] def edit_cancel(self, event=None): self.drawtext() self.canvas.focus_set()
[docs] def find(self, searchKey): # Search for a node who's key matches the given key # Is it this node if searchKey == self.item.GetKey(): # [gjeon] to filter by given tag if self.fModeChildrenTag: if self.childrenTag: showThisItem = False for tagKey in list(self.childrenTag.keys()): if self.item.nodePath.hasTag(tagKey): showThisItem = self.childrenTag[tagKey] if not showThisItem: return None return self # Nope, check the children sublist = self.item._GetSubList() for item in sublist: key = item.GetKey() # Use existing child or create new TreeNode if none exists if key in self.children: child = self.children[key] else: child = TreeNode(self.canvas, self, item, self.menuList) # Update local list of children and keys self.children[key] = child self.kidKeys.append(key) # [gjeon] to set flag recursively child.setChildrenTag(self.childrenTag, self.fModeChildrenTag) # See if node is child (or one of child's descendants) retVal = child.find(searchKey) if retVal: return retVal # Not here return None
[docs]class TreeItem: """Abstract class representing tree items. Methods should typically be overridden, otherwise a default action is used. """
[docs] def __init__(self): """Constructor. Do whatever you need to do."""
[docs] def GetText(self): """Return text string to display."""
[docs] def GetTextFg(self): return "black"
[docs] def GetTextBg(self): return "white"
[docs] def GetLabelText(self): """Return label text string to display in front of text (if any)."""
[docs] def IsExpandable(self): """Return whether there are subitems.""" return 1
def _GetSubList(self): """Do not override! Called by TreeNode.""" if not self.IsExpandable(): return [] sublist = self.GetSubList() return sublist
[docs] def IsEditable(self): """Return whether the item's text may be edited."""
[docs] def SetText(self, text): """Change the item's text (if it is editable)."""
[docs] def GetIconName(self): """Return name of icon to be displayed normally."""
[docs] def GetSelectedIconName(self): """Return name of icon to be displayed when selected."""
[docs] def GetSubList(self): """Return list of items forming sublist."""
[docs] def OnDoubleClick(self): """Called on a double-click on the item."""
[docs] def OnSelect(self): """Called when item selected."""