Source code for direct.task.MiniTask

"""This module implements a minimum task manager.  It is similar in
principle to the full-featured task manager implemented in,
but it has a sharply reduced feature set--completely bare-bones, in
fact--and it is designed to be a pure-python implementation that does
not require any C++ Panda support, so that it can be loaded before
Panda has been fully downloaded. """

__all__ = ['MiniTask', 'MiniTaskManager']

[docs]class MiniTask: done = 0 cont = 1
[docs] def __init__(self, callback): self.__call__ = callback
[docs]class MiniTaskManager:
[docs] def __init__(self): self.taskList = [] self.running = 0
[docs] def add(self, task, name): assert isinstance(task, MiniTask) = name self.taskList.append(task)
[docs] def remove(self, task): try: self.taskList.remove(task) except ValueError: pass
def __executeTask(self, task): return task(task)
[docs] def step(self): i = 0 while (i < len(self.taskList)): task = self.taskList[i] ret = task(task) # See if the task is done if (ret == task.cont): # Leave it for next frame, its not done yet pass else: # Remove the task try: self.taskList.remove(task) except ValueError: pass # Do not increment the iterator continue # Move to the next element i += 1
[docs] def run(self): self.running = 1 while self.running: self.step()
[docs] def stop(self): # Set a flag so we will stop before beginning next frame self.running = 0