Source code for direct.showbase.SfxPlayer

"""Contains the SfxPlayer class, a thin utility class for playing sounds at
a particular location."""

__all__ = ['SfxPlayer']

import math
from panda3d.core import *

[docs]class SfxPlayer: """ Play sound effects, potentially localized. """ UseInverseSquare = 0
[docs] def __init__(self): # volume attenuates according to the inverse square of the # distance from the source. volume = 1/(distance^2) # this is the volume at which a sound is nearly inaudible self.cutoffVolume = .02 # cutoff for inverse square attenuation if SfxPlayer.UseInverseSquare: self.setCutoffDistance(300.0) else: # Distance at which sounds can no longer be heard # This was determined experimentally self.setCutoffDistance(120.0)
[docs] def setCutoffDistance(self, d): self.cutoffDistance = d # this is the 'raw' distance at which the volume of a sound will # be equal to the cutoff volume rawCutoffDistance = math.sqrt(1./self.cutoffVolume) # this is a scale factor to convert distances so that a sound # located at self.cutoffDistance will have a volume # of self.cutoffVolume self.distanceScale = rawCutoffDistance / self.cutoffDistance
[docs] def getCutoffDistance(self): """Return the curent cutoff distance.""" return self.cutoffDistance
[docs] def getLocalizedVolume(self, node, listenerNode = None, cutoff = None): """ Get the volume that a sound should be played at if it is localized at this node. We compute this wrt the camera or to listenerNode. """ d = None if not node.isEmpty(): if listenerNode and not listenerNode.isEmpty(): d = node.getDistance(listenerNode) else: d = node.getDistance( if not cutoff: cutoff = self.cutoffDistance if d == None or d > cutoff: volume = 0 else: if SfxPlayer.UseInverseSquare: sd = d*self.distanceScale volume = min(1, 1 / (sd*sd or 1)) #print d, sd, volume else: volume = 1 - (d / (cutoff or 1)) #print d, volume return volume
[docs] def playSfx( self, sfx, looping = 0, interrupt = 1, volume = None, time = 0.0, node=None, listenerNode = None, cutoff = None): if sfx: self.setFinalVolume(sfx, node, volume, listenerNode, cutoff) # don't start over if it's already playing, unless # "interrupt" was specified if interrupt or (sfx.status() != AudioSound.PLAYING): sfx.setTime(time) sfx.setLoop(looping)
[docs] def setFinalVolume(self, sfx, node, volume, listenerNode, cutoff = None): """Calculate the final volume based on all contributed factors.""" # If we have either a node or a volume, we need to adjust the sfx # The volume passed in multiplies the distance base volume if node or (volume is not None): if node: finalVolume = self.getLocalizedVolume(node, listenerNode, cutoff) else: finalVolume = 1 if volume is not None: finalVolume *= volume if node is not None: finalVolume *= node.getNetAudioVolume() sfx.setVolume(finalVolume)