Source code for direct.showbase.Factory

"""Contains the Factory class."""

__all__ = ['Factory']

from direct.directnotify.DirectNotifyGlobal import directNotify

[docs]class Factory: """This class manages a list of object types and their corresponding constructors. Objects may be created on-demand from their type. Object types may be any hashable piece of unique data (such as a string). This class is intended to be derived from. Subclasses should call self._registerTypes to set up type constructors.""" notify = directNotify.newCategory('Factory')
[docs] def __init__(self): self._type2ctor = {}
[docs] def create(self, type, *args, **kwArgs): return self._type2ctor[type](*args, **kwArgs)
def _registerType(self, type, ctor): if type in self._type2ctor: self.notify.debug('replacing %s ctor %s with %s' % (type, self._type2ctor[type], ctor)) self._type2ctor[type] = ctor def _registerTypes(self, type2ctor): for type, ctor in list(type2ctor.items()): self._registerType(type, ctor)
[docs] def nullCtor(self, *args, **kwArgs): return None