Source code for direct.p3d.InstalledPackageData

.. deprecated:: 1.10.0
   The p3d packaging system has been replaced with the new setuptools-based
   system.  See the :ref:`distribution` manual section.
__all__ = ["InstalledPackageData"]

[docs]class InstalledPackageData: """ A list of instances of this class is maintained by InstalledHostData (which is in turn returned by AppRunner.scanInstalledPackages()). Each of these corresponds to a particular package that has been installed on the local client. """
[docs] def __init__(self, package, dirnode): self.package = package self.pathname = dirnode.pathname self.totalSize = dirnode.getTotalSize() self.lastUse = None if self.package: self.displayName = self.package.getFormattedName() xusage = self.package.getUsage() if xusage: lastUse = xusage.Attribute('last_use') try: lastUse = int(lastUse or '') except ValueError: lastUse = None self.lastUse = lastUse else: self.displayName = dirnode.pathname.getBasename()