Source code for direct.interval.LerpBlendHelpers

"""LerpBlendHelpers module: contains LerpBlendHelpers class"""

__all__ = ['getBlend']

from import *

"""global lerp blend types for lerp function"""

easeIn = EaseInBlendType()

easeOut = EaseOutBlendType()

easeInOut = EaseInOutBlendType()

noBlend = NoBlendType()

[docs]def getBlend(blendType): """ Return the C++ blend class corresponding to blendType string """ # Note, this is temporary until blend functions get exposed if (blendType == "easeIn"): return easeIn elif (blendType == "easeOut"): return easeOut elif (blendType == "easeInOut"): return easeInOut elif (blendType == "noBlend"): return noBlend else: raise Exception( 'Error: LerpInterval.__getBlend: Unknown blend type')