Source code for direct.gui.DirectLabel

"""Contains the DirectLabel class.

See the :ref:`directlabel` page in the programming manual for a more in-depth
explanation and an example of how to use this class.

__all__ = ['DirectLabel']

from panda3d.core import *
from .DirectFrame import *

[docs]class DirectLabel(DirectFrame): """ DirectLabel(parent) - Create a DirectGuiWidget which has multiple states. User explicitly chooses a state to display """
[docs] def __init__(self, parent = None, **kw): # Inherits from DirectFrame # A Direct Frame can have: # - A background texture (pass in path to image, or Texture Card) # - A midground geometry item (pass in geometry) # - A foreground text Node (pass in text string or Onscreen Text) # For a direct label: # Each label has 1 or more states # The same image/geom/text can be used for all states or each # state can have a different text/geom/image # State transitions happen under user control optiondefs = ( # Define type of DirectGuiWidget ('pgFunc', PGItem, None), ('numStates', 1, None), ('state', self.inactiveInitState, None), ('activeState', 0, self.setActiveState), ) # Merge keyword options with default options self.defineoptions(kw, optiondefs) # Initialize superclasses DirectFrame.__init__(self, parent) # Call option initialization functions self.initialiseoptions(DirectLabel)
[docs] def setActiveState(self): """ setActiveState - change label to specifed state """ self.guiItem.setState(self['activeState'])