Source code for direct.gui.DirectButton

"""This module contains the DirectButton class.

See the :ref:`directbutton` page in the programming manual for a more
in-depth explanation and an example of how to use this class.

__all__ = ['DirectButton']

from panda3d.core import *
from . import DirectGuiGlobals as DGG
from .DirectFrame import *

[docs]class DirectButton(DirectFrame): """ DirectButton(parent) - Create a DirectGuiWidget which responds to mouse clicks and execute a callback function if defined """
[docs] def __init__(self, parent = None, **kw): # Inherits from DirectFrame # A Direct Frame can have: # - A background texture (pass in path to image, or Texture Card) # - A midground geometry item (pass in geometry) # - A foreground text Node (pass in text string or Onscreen Text) # For a direct button: # Each button has 4 states (ready, press, rollover, disabled) # The same image/geom/text can be used for all four states or each # state can have a different text/geom/image # State transitions happen automatically based upon mouse interaction # Responds to click event and calls command if None optiondefs = ( # Define type of DirectGuiWidget ('pgFunc', PGButton, None), ('numStates', 4, None), ('state', DGG.NORMAL, None), ('relief', DGG.RAISED, None), ('invertedFrames', (1,), None), # Command to be called on button click ('command', None, None), ('extraArgs', [], None), # Which mouse buttons can be used to click the button ('commandButtons', (DGG.LMB,), self.setCommandButtons), # Sounds to be used for button events ('rolloverSound', DGG.getDefaultRolloverSound(), self.setRolloverSound), ('clickSound', DGG.getDefaultClickSound(), self.setClickSound), # Can only be specified at time of widget contruction # Do the text/graphics appear to move when the button is clicked ('pressEffect', 1, DGG.INITOPT), ) # Merge keyword options with default options self.defineoptions(kw, optiondefs) # Initialize superclasses DirectFrame.__init__(self, parent) # If specifed, add scaling to the pressed state to make it # look like the button is moving when you press it. We have # to set up the node first, before we call initialise options; # but we can't actually apply the scale until we have the # bounding volume (which happens during initialise options). pressEffectNP = None if self['pressEffect']: pressEffectNP = self.stateNodePath[1].attachNewNode('pressEffect', 1) self.stateNodePath[1] = pressEffectNP # Call option initialization functions self.initialiseoptions(DirectButton) # Now apply the scale. if pressEffectNP: bounds = self.getBounds() centerX = (bounds[0] + bounds[1]) / 2 centerY = (bounds[2] + bounds[3]) / 2 # Make a matrix that scales about the point mat = Mat4.translateMat(-centerX, 0, -centerY) * \ Mat4.scaleMat(0.98) * \ Mat4.translateMat(centerX, 0, centerY) pressEffectNP.setMat(mat)
[docs] def setCommandButtons(self): # Attach command function to specified buttons # Left mouse button if DGG.LMB in self['commandButtons']: self.guiItem.addClickButton( self.bind(DGG.B1CLICK, self.commandFunc) else: self.unbind(DGG.B1CLICK) self.guiItem.removeClickButton( # Middle mouse button if DGG.MMB in self['commandButtons']: self.guiItem.addClickButton(MouseButton.two()) self.bind(DGG.B2CLICK, self.commandFunc) else: self.unbind(DGG.B2CLICK) self.guiItem.removeClickButton(MouseButton.two()) # Right mouse button if DGG.RMB in self['commandButtons']: self.guiItem.addClickButton(MouseButton.three()) self.bind(DGG.B3CLICK, self.commandFunc) else: self.unbind(DGG.B3CLICK) self.guiItem.removeClickButton(MouseButton.three())
[docs] def commandFunc(self, event): if self['command']: # Pass any extra args to command self['command'](*self['extraArgs'])
[docs] def setClickSound(self): clickSound = self['clickSound'] # Clear out sounds self.guiItem.clearSound(DGG.B1PRESS + self.guiId) self.guiItem.clearSound(DGG.B2PRESS + self.guiId) self.guiItem.clearSound(DGG.B3PRESS + self.guiId) if clickSound: if DGG.LMB in self['commandButtons']: self.guiItem.setSound(DGG.B1PRESS + self.guiId, clickSound) if DGG.MMB in self['commandButtons']: self.guiItem.setSound(DGG.B2PRESS + self.guiId, clickSound) if DGG.RMB in self['commandButtons']: self.guiItem.setSound(DGG.B3PRESS + self.guiId, clickSound)
[docs] def setRolloverSound(self): rolloverSound = self['rolloverSound'] if rolloverSound: self.guiItem.setSound(DGG.ENTER + self.guiId, rolloverSound) else: self.guiItem.clearSound(DGG.ENTER + self.guiId)