Source code for direct.distributed.DistributedObjectGlobal

"""DistributedObjectGlobal module: contains the DistributedObjectGlobal class"""

from direct.directnotify.DirectNotifyGlobal import directNotify
from direct.distributed.DistributedObject import DistributedObject

[docs]class DistributedObjectGlobal(DistributedObject): """ The Distributed Object Global class is the base class for global network based (i.e. distributed) objects. """ notify = directNotify.newCategory("DistributedObjectGlobal") # A few objects will set neverDisable to 1... Examples are # localToon, and anything that lives in the UberZone. This # keeps them from being disabled when you change zones, # even to the quiet zone. neverDisable = 1
[docs] def __init__(self, cr): assert self.notify.debugStateCall(self) DistributedObject.__init__(self, cr) self.parentId = 0 self.zoneId = 0