Source code for direct.directtools.DirectLights

from panda3d.core import *

[docs]class DirectLight(NodePath):
[docs] def __init__(self, light, parent): # Initialize the superclass NodePath.__init__(self) # Record light and name self.light = light # Attach node to self self.assign(parent.attachNewNode(self.light))
[docs] def getName(self): return self.light.getName()
[docs] def getLight(self): return self.light
[docs]class DirectLights(NodePath):
[docs] def __init__(self, parent = None): if parent is None: parent = base.render # Initialize the superclass NodePath.__init__(self) # Create a node for the lights self.assign(parent.attachNewNode('DIRECT Lights')) # Create a list of all active lights self.lightDict = {} # Counts of the various types of lights self.ambientCount = 0 self.directionalCount = 0 self.pointCount = 0 self.spotCount = 0
def __getitem__(self, name): return self.lightDict.get(name, None) def __len__(self): return len(self.lightDict)
[docs] def delete(self, light): del self.lightDict[light.getName()] self.setOff(light) light.removeNode()
[docs] def deleteAll(self): for light in self: self.delete(light)
[docs] def asList(self): return [self[n] for n in self.getNameList()]
[docs] def getNameList(self): # Return a sorted list of all lights in the light dict nameList = [x.getName() for x in self.lightDict.values()] nameList.sort() return nameList
[docs] def create(self, type): type = type.lower() if type == 'ambient': self.ambientCount += 1 light = AmbientLight('ambient-' + repr(self.ambientCount)) light.setColor(VBase4(.3, .3, .3, 1)) elif type == 'directional': self.directionalCount += 1 light = DirectionalLight('directional-' + repr(self.directionalCount)) light.setColor(VBase4(1)) elif type == 'point': self.pointCount += 1 light = PointLight('point-' + repr(self.pointCount)) light.setColor(VBase4(1)) elif type == 'spot': self.spotCount += 1 light = Spotlight('spot-' + repr(self.spotCount)) light.setColor(VBase4(1)) light.setLens(PerspectiveLens()) else: print('Invalid light type') return None # Add the new light directLight = DirectLight(light, self) self.lightDict[directLight.getName()] = directLight # Turn it on as a default self.setOn(directLight) # Send an event to all watching objects messenger.send('DIRECT_addLight', [directLight]) # Return the new light return directLight
[docs] def createDefaultLights(self): self.create('ambient') self.create('directional')
[docs] def allOn(self): """ Turn on all DIRECT lights """ for light in self.lightDict.values(): self.setOn(light) # Make sure there is a default material render.setMaterial(Material())
[docs] def allOff(self): """ Turn off all DIRECT lights """ for light in self.lightDict.values(): self.setOff(light)
[docs] def toggle(self): """ Toggles light attribute, but doesn't toggle individual lights """ if render.node().hasAttrib(LightAttrib.getClassType()): self.allOff() else: self.allOn()
[docs] def setOn(self, directLight): """ Turn on the given directLight """ render.setLight(directLight)
[docs] def setOff(self, directLight): """ Turn off the given directLight """ render.clearLight(directLight)