Source code for direct.controls.TwoDWalker

""" is for controlling the avatars in a 2D scroller game environment.

from .GravityWalker import *
from panda3d.core import ConfigVariableBool

[docs]class TwoDWalker(GravityWalker): """ The TwoDWalker is primarily for a 2D Scroller game environment. Eg - Toon Blitz minigame. TODO: This class is still work in progress. Currently Toon Blitz is using this only for jumping. Moving the Toon left to right is handled by toontown/src/minigame/ I eventually want this class to control all the 2 D movements, possibly with a customizable input list. """ notify = directNotify.newCategory("TwoDWalker") wantDebugIndicator = ConfigVariableBool('want-avatar-physics-indicator', False) wantFloorSphere = ConfigVariableBool('want-floor-sphere', False) earlyEventSphere = ConfigVariableBool('early-event-sphere', False) # special methods
[docs] def __init__(self, gravity = -32.1740, standableGround=0.707, hardLandingForce=16.0): assert self.notify.debugStateCall(self) self.notify.debug('Constructing TwoDWalker') GravityWalker.__init__(self)
[docs] def handleAvatarControls(self, task): """ Check on the arrow keys and update the avatar. """ # get the button states: jump = inputState.isSet("forward") if self.lifter.isOnGround(): if self.isAirborne: self.isAirborne = 0 assert self.debugPrint("isAirborne 0 due to isOnGround() true") impact = self.lifter.getImpactVelocity() messenger.send("jumpLand") assert self.isAirborne == 0 self.priorParent = else: if self.isAirborne == 0: assert self.debugPrint("isAirborne 1 due to isOnGround() false") self.isAirborne = 1 return Task.cont
[docs] def jumpPressed(self): """This function should be called from TwoDDrive when the jump key is pressed.""" if self.lifter.isOnGround(): if self.isAirborne == 0: if self.mayJump: # The jump button is down and we're close enough to the ground to jump. self.lifter.addVelocity(self.avatarControlJumpForce) messenger.send("jumpStart") self.isAirborne = 1 assert self.debugPrint("isAirborne 1 due to jump")