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"""DistributedActor module: contains the DistributedActor class"""

__all__ = ['DistributedActor']

from direct.distributed import DistributedNode

from . import Actor

[docs]class DistributedActor(DistributedNode.DistributedNode, Actor.Actor):
[docs] def __init__(self, cr): try: self.DistributedActor_initialized except: self.DistributedActor_initialized = 1 Actor.Actor.__init__(self) DistributedNode.DistributedNode.__init__(self, cr) # Since actors are probably fairly heavyweight, we'd # rather cache them than delete them if possible. self.setCacheable(1)
[docs] def disable(self): # remove all anims, on all parts and all lods if (not self.isEmpty()): Actor.Actor.unloadAnims(self, None, None, None) DistributedNode.DistributedNode.disable(self)
[docs] def delete(self): try: self.DistributedActor_deleted except: self.DistributedActor_deleted = 1 DistributedNode.DistributedNode.delete(self) Actor.Actor.delete(self)
[docs] def loop(self, animName, restart=1, partName=None, fromFrame=None, toFrame=None): return Actor.Actor.loop(self, animName, restart, partName, fromFrame, toFrame)