class BulletWheel

One wheel of a BulletVehicle. Instances should not be created directly but using the factory method BulletVehicle::create_wheel().

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of BulletWheel

BulletWheel(BulletWheel const&) = default
PN_stdfloat get_brake(void) const

Returns the amount of braking force currently applied.

LPoint3 get_chassis_connection_point_cs(void) const

Returns the point where the wheel is connected to the chassis.

PN_stdfloat get_clipped_inv_connection_point_cs(void) const
PN_stdfloat get_delta_rotation(void) const
PN_stdfloat get_engine_force(void) const

Returns the amount of accelleration force currently applied.

PN_stdfloat get_friction_slip(void) const

Returns how slippery the tyres are.

PN_stdfloat get_max_suspension_force(void) const

Returns the maximum force (weight) the suspension can handle.

PN_stdfloat get_max_suspension_travel_cm(void) const
PandaNode *get_node(void) const

Returns the PandaNode which representates the visual appearance of this wheel, if such a representation has been set previously.

BulletWheelRaycastInfo get_raycast_info(void) const
PN_stdfloat get_roll_influence(void) const

Returns the factor by which roll forces are scaled. See set_roll_influence.

PN_stdfloat get_rotation(void) const
PN_stdfloat get_skid_info(void) const
PN_stdfloat get_steering(void) const

Returns the steering angle in degrees.

PN_stdfloat get_suspension_relative_velocity(void) const
PN_stdfloat get_suspension_rest_length(void) const

Returns the length of the suspension when the vehicle is standing still.

PN_stdfloat get_suspension_stiffness(void) const

Returns the stiffness of the suspension.

LVector3 get_wheel_axle_cs(void) const

Returns the normal vector of the wheel axle.

LVector3 get_wheel_direction_cs(void) const

Returns the wheel’s forward vector relative to the chassis.

PN_stdfloat get_wheel_radius(void) const

Returns the wheel radius.

PN_stdfloat get_wheels_damping_compression(void) const

Returns the damping applied to the compressing suspension.

PN_stdfloat get_wheels_damping_relaxation(void) const

Returns the damping applied to the relaxing suspension.

PN_stdfloat get_wheels_suspension_force(void) const
LMatrix4 get_world_transform(void) const
bool is_front_wheel(void) const

Determines if a wheel is steerable.

void set_brake(PN_stdfloat value)
void set_chassis_connection_point_cs(LPoint3 const &pos)

Sets the point where the wheel is connected to the chassis.

void set_clipped_inv_connection_point_cs(PN_stdfloat value)
void set_delta_rotation(PN_stdfloat value)
void set_engine_force(PN_stdfloat value)

Defines how much force should be used to rotate the wheel.

void set_friction_slip(PN_stdfloat value)

Sets the slipperyness of the tyre.

void set_front_wheel(bool value)

Sets if the wheel is steerable.

void set_max_suspension_force(PN_stdfloat value)

Sets the maximum suspension force the wheel can handle.

void set_max_suspension_travel_cm(PN_stdfloat value)

Sets the maximum distance the suspension can travel out of the resting position in centimeters.

void set_node(PandaNode *node)

Sets the PandaNode which representates the visual appearance of this wheel.

void set_roll_influence(PN_stdfloat value)

Defines a scaling factor for roll forces that affect the chassis. 0.0 means no roll - the chassis won’t ever flip over - while 1.0 means original physical behaviour. Basically, this allows moving the center of mass up and down.

void set_rotation(PN_stdfloat value)
void set_skid_info(PN_stdfloat value)
void set_steering(PN_stdfloat value)

Sets the steering angle.

void set_suspension_relative_velocity(PN_stdfloat value)
void set_suspension_stiffness(PN_stdfloat value)

Sets how stiff the suspension shall be.

void set_wheel_axle_cs(LVector3 const &axle)

Determines the wheel axle normal vector.

void set_wheel_direction_cs(LVector3 const &dir)

Sets the wheel’s forward vector. (Most likely orthogonal to the axle vector.)

void set_wheel_radius(PN_stdfloat value)

Sets the wheel radius.

void set_wheels_damping_compression(PN_stdfloat value)

Sets the damping forces applied when the suspension gets compressed.

void set_wheels_damping_relaxation(PN_stdfloat value)

Sets the damping forces applied when the suspension relaxes.

void set_wheels_suspension_force(PN_stdfloat value)
void set_world_transform(LMatrix4 const &mat)