class StackedPerlinNoise3

Implements a multi-layer PerlinNoise, with one or more high-frequency noise functions added to a lower-frequency base noise function.

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of StackedPerlinNoise3

explicit StackedPerlinNoise3(double sx, double sy, double sz, int num_levels = 3, double scale_factor = 4.0, double amp_scale = 0.5, int table_size = 256, unsigned long int seed = 0)
StackedPerlinNoise3(StackedPerlinNoise3 const &copy)

Creates a StackedPerlinNoise3 object with no levels. You should call add_level() to add each level by hand.

Creates num_levels nested PerlinNoise3 objects. Each stacked Perlin object will have a scale of 1 scale_factor times the previous object (so that it is higher-frequency, if scale_factor > 1), and an amplitude of amp_scale times the previous object (so that it is less important, if amp_scale < 1).

Creates an exact duplicate of the existing StackedPerlinNoise3 object, including the random seed.

void add_level(PerlinNoise3 const &level, double amp = 1.0)

Adds an arbitrary PerlinNoise3 object, and an associated amplitude, to the stack.

void clear(void)

Removes all levels from the stack. You must call add_level() again to restore them.

double noise(double x, double y, double z)
float noise(LVecBase3f const &value)
double noise(LVecBase3d const &value)

Returns the noise function of the three inputs.