class EggFilenameNode

Bases: EggNode

This is an egg node that contains a filename. It references a physical file relative to the directory the egg file was loaded in. It is a base class for EggTexture and EggExternalReference.

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of EggFilenameNode

assign(copy: EggFilenameNode) → EggFilenameNode
Return type


static getClassType() → TypeHandle
Return type


getDefaultExtension() → str

Returns the default extension for this filename type.

getFilename() → Filename

Returns a nonmodifiable reference to the filename.

Return type


getFullpath() → Filename

Returns the full pathname to the file, if it is known; otherwise, returns the same thing as getFilename().

This function simply returns whatever was set by the last call to setFullpath(). This string is not written to the egg file; its main purpose is to record the full path to a filename (for instance, a texture filename) if it is known, for egg structures that are generated in-memory and then immediately converted to a scene graph.

Return type


setFilename(filename: Filename) → None
setFullpath(fullpath: Filename) → None

Records the full pathname to the file, for the benefit of getFullpath().