class AnimBundle

Bases: AnimGroup

This is the root of an AnimChannel hierarchy. It knows the frame rate and number of frames of all the channels in the hierarchy (which must all match).

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of AnimBundle

explicit AnimBundle(std::string const &name, PN_stdfloat fps, int num_frames)
AnimBundle(AnimBundle const&) = default

Creates a new AnimBundle, just like this one, without copying any children. The new copy is added to the indicated parent. Intended to be called by make_copy() only.

PointerTo<AnimBundle> copy_bundle(void) const

Returns a full copy of the bundle and its entire tree of nested AnimGroups. However, the actual data stored in the leaves–that is, animation tables, such as those stored in an AnimChannelMatrixXfmTable–will be shared.

double get_base_frame_rate(void) const

Returns the ideal number of frames per second of the animation, when it is running at normal speed. This may not be the same as the actual playing frame rate, as it might have been adjusted through set_play_rate() on the AnimControl object. See AnimControl::get_effective_frame_rate().

static TypeHandle get_class_type(void)
int get_num_frames(void) const

Returns the number of frames of animation, or 0 if the animation has no fixed number of frames.