Too Many Text Updates

If you are using the TextNode or OnscreenText (or similar) interfaces, and you have large chunks of text changing every frame, you might find it to be a big performance hit. Panda3D does a lot of work to assemble the text, so you will want to minimize unnecessary calls to set_text() or related functions that force the text to be recomputed.

On the other hand, if you really want to change your text frequently, you can try putting this in your Config.prc file:

text-flatten 0

This will remove the call to flatten_strong() within the text generation process. Changing the text may be a bit faster, but rendering the resulting text might be slower, since you will be dealing with more meshes in your scene graph.

If you have a lot of different glyphs, Panda may spend more effort garbage collecting used glyphs in order to conserve texture memory. You can increase the default texture size to improve the performance of this, for example:

text-page-size 512 512