class ConfigVariableBase

Bases: ConfigFlags

This class is the base class for both ConfigVariableList and ConfigVariable (and hence for all of the ConfigVariableBool, ConfigVaribleString, etc. classes). It collects together the common interface for all generic ConfigVariables.

Mostly, this class serves as a thin wrapper around ConfigVariableCore and/or ConfigDeclaration, more or less duplicating the interface presented there.

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of ConfigVariableBase

bool clear_local_value(void)

Removes the local value defined for this variable, and allows its value to be once again retrieved from the .prc files.

Returns true if the value was successfully removed, false if it did not exist in the first place.

std::string const &get_description(void) const

Returns the brief description of this variable, if it has been defined.

int get_flags(void) const

Returns the flags value as set by set_flags(). This includes the trust level and some other settings. See the individual methods is_closed(), get_trust_level(), etc. to pull out the semantic meaning of these flags individually.

std::string const &get_name(void) const

Returns the name of the variable.

int get_trust_level(void) const

Returns the minimum trust_level a prc file must demonstrate in order to redefine the value for this variable. Arguably, this should be called the “mistrust level”, since the larger the value, the more suspicious we are of prc files. This value is not used if is_closed() returns true, which indicates no file may be trusted.

This value only has effect in a release build (specifically, when PRC_RESPECT_TRUST_LEVEL is defined true in Config.pp).

ConfigFlags::ValueType get_value_type(void) const

Returns the stated type of this variable. This should be VT_list, unless a later variable declaration has changed it.

bool has_local_value(void) const

Returns true if this variable’s value has been shadowed by a local assignment (as created via make_local_value()), or false otherwise.

bool has_value(void) const

Returns true if this variable has an explicit value, either from a prc file or locally set, or false if variable has its default value.

bool is_closed(void) const

Returns true if the variable is not trusted by any prc file (and hence cannot be modified from its compiled-in default value), or false for the normal case, in which the variable can be modified by any prc file at or above its trust level (see get_trust_level()).

This value only has effect in a release build (specifically, when PRC_RESPECT_TRUST_LEVEL is defined true in Config.pp).

bool is_dynamic(void) const

Returns true if the variable was indicated as “dynamic” by its constructor, indicating that its name was dynamically generated, possibly from a large pool, and it should not be listed along with the other variables.

void output(std::ostream &out) const
void write(std::ostream &out) const