class MouseWatcherBase

This represents a collection of MouseWatcherRegions that may be managed as a group. This is the base class for both MouseWatcherGroup and MouseWatcher, and exists so that we don’t have to make MouseWatcher inherit from ReferenceCount more than once.

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of MouseWatcherBase

void add_region(PointerTo<MouseWatcherRegion> region)

Adds the indicated region to the set of regions in the group. It is no longer an error to call this for the same region more than once.

void clear_regions(void)

Removes all the regions from the group.

MouseWatcherRegion *find_region(std::string const &name) const

Returns a pointer to the first region found with the indicated name. If multiple regions share the same name, the one that is returned is indeterminate.

static TypeHandle get_class_type(void)
std::size_t get_num_regions(void) const

Returns the number of regions in the group.

MouseWatcherRegion *get_region(std::size_t n) const

Returns the nth region of the group; returns NULL if there is no nth region. Note that this is not thread-safe; another thread might have removed the nth region before you called this method.

bool has_region(MouseWatcherRegion *region) const

Returns true if the indicated region has already been added to the MouseWatcherBase, false otherwise.

void hide_regions(void)

Stops the visualization created by a previous call to show_regions().

bool is_sorted(void) const

Returns true if the group has already been sorted, false otherwise.

void output(std::ostream &out) const
bool remove_region(MouseWatcherRegion *region)

Removes the indicated region from the group. Returns true if it was successfully removed, or false if it wasn’t there in the first place.

void set_color(LColor const &color)

Specifies the color used to draw the region rectangles for the regions visualized by show_regions().

void show_regions(NodePath const &render2d, std::string const &bin_name, int draw_order)

Enables the visualization of all of the regions handled by this MouseWatcherBase. The supplied NodePath should be the root of the 2-d scene graph for the window.

void sort_regions(void)

Sorts all the regions in this group into pointer order.

void update_regions(void)

Refreshes the visualization created by show_regions().

void write(std::ostream &out, int indent_level = 0) const