class PointerTo<Connection>

Bases: PointerToBase< Connection >

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of PointerTo_Connection

constexpr PointerTo(void) noexcept = default
explicit constexpr PointerTo(decltype(nullptr)) noexcept
PointerTo(Connection *ptr) noexcept
PointerTo(PointerTo<Connection> const &copy)
void clear(void)
bool is_null(void) const
constexpr Connection *p(void) const noexcept

If your base class is a derivative of TypedObject, you might want to use the DCAST macro defined in typedObject.h instead, e.g. DCAST(MyType, ptr). This provides a clean downcast that doesn’t require .p() or any double-casting, and it can be run-time checked for correctness.