class SceneGraphAnalyzer

A handy class that can scrub over a scene graph and collect interesting statistics on it.

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of SceneGraphAnalyzer

enum LodMode
enumerator LM_lowest = 0
enumerator LM_highest = 1
enumerator LM_all = 2
enumerator LM_none = 3
__init__() → None
__init__(param0: SceneGraphAnalyzer) → None
addNode(node: PandaNode) → None

Adds a new node to the set of data for analysis. Normally, this would only be called once, and passed the top of the scene graph, but it’s possible to repeatedly pass in subgraphs to get an analysis of all the graphs together.

clear() → None

Resets all of the data in the analyzer in preparation for a new run.

getLodMode(lod_mode: LodMode) → LodMode

Returns the mode in which LODNodes are analyzed.

Return type


getNumColors() → int
getNumGeomNodes() → int
getNumGeomVertexDatas() → int
getNumGeomVertexFormats() → int
getNumGeoms() → int
getNumIndividualTris() → int
getNumInstances() → int
getNumLines() → int
getNumLodNodes() → int
getNumLongNormals() → int
getNumNodes() → int
getNumNodesWithAttribs() → int
getNumNormals() → int
getNumPatches() → int
getNumPoints() → int
getNumShortNormals() → int
getNumTexcoords() → int
getNumTransforms() → int
getNumTrianglesInFans() → int
getNumTrianglesInStrips() → int
getNumTrifans() → int
getNumTris() → int
getNumTristrips() → int
getNumVertices() → int
getNumVerticesInPatches() → int
getTextureBytes() → size_t
Return type


getTotalNormalLength() → float
getVertexDataSize() → size_t
Return type


setLodMode(lod_mode: LodMode) → None

Specifies the mode in which LODNodes are analyzed.

write(out: ostream, indent_level: int) → None

Describes all the data collected.