class AnimChannelMatrixDynamic

Bases: AnimChannel< ACMatrixSwitchType >

An animation channel that accepts a matrix each frame from some dynamic input provided by code.

This object operates in two modes: in explicit mode, the programmer should call set_value() each frame to indicate the new value; in implicit mode, the programmer should call set_value_node() to indicate the node whose transform will be copied to the joint each frame.

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of AnimChannelMatrixDynamic

static TypeHandle get_class_type(void)
PandaNode *get_value_node(void) const

Returns the node that was set via set_value_node(), if any.

TransformState const *get_value_transform(void) const

Returns the explicit TransformState value that was set via set_value(), if any.

void set_value(LMatrix4 const &value)
void set_value(TransformState const *value)

Explicitly sets the matrix value.

Explicitly sets the matrix value, using the indicated TransformState object as a convenience.

void set_value_node(PandaNode *node)

Specifies a node whose transform will be queried each frame to implicitly specify the transform of this joint.