class TiXmlText

Bases: TiXmlNode

XML text. A text node can have 2 ways to output the next. “normal” output and CDATA. It will default to the mode it was parsed from the XML file and you generally want to leave it alone, but you can change the output mode with SetCDATA() and query it with CDATA().

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of TiXmlText

bool CDATA(void) const

/// Queries whether this represents text using a CDATA section.

void SetCDATA(bool _cdata)

/// Turns on or off a CDATA representation of text.

TiXmlText(char const *initValue)
TiXmlText(std::string const &initValue)
TiXmlText(TiXmlText const &copy)

Constructor for text element. By default, it is treated as normal, encoded text. If you want it be output as a CDATA text element, set the parameter _cdata to ‘true’