class NativeWindowHandle

Bases: WindowHandle

This subclass of WindowHandle exists to allow simple creation of a WindowHandle of the appropriate type to the current OS.

This class exists for name scoping only. Don’t use the constructor directly; use one of the make_* methods.

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of NativeWindowHandle

static TypeHandle get_class_type(void)
static PointerTo<WindowHandle> make_int(std::size_t window)

Constructs a new WindowHandle with an int value, which is understood to be either an HWND or a Window, cast to int. This method exists for the convenience of Python, which likes to deal with ints; C++ code should use one of the more specific make_x11() or make_win32() methods instead.

static PointerTo<WindowHandle> make_subprocess(Filename const &filename)

Constructs a new WindowHandle that references a SubprocessWindowBuffer read in another process, with the named pipe filename that it uses for communication.

This is (at present, and maybe always) useful only on the OS X platform, where parenting child windows is particularly problematic.